Here are some of the best Pokemon Go locations to catch rare Pokemons
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We’ve been spending most of our time lately playing Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu, check it out if you have the chance! However, This post will help you find some of the rarest Pokemon Go locations on the earth. But, before we get started with those, it first helps if you know which of Pokemon’s some 800 characters are actually rare. So, we will first get that out of the way.

Rare Pokemons and their Pokemon Go best locations


This rare dragon Pokemon is incredibly hard to find. If you go to community sites like Reddit, they will talk about Dratini as one of the rarest Pokemons out there, with no real knowledge on Pokemon Go spots to pick them up, or at least do it easily.

The best places to catch Pokemon of the Dratini type are places that are close to large water bodies like a sea, an ocean, a river or a large lake. For instance, Dratinis have been found in Bondi beach or alongside Ozark’s large coastline. But, on some occasions, they can also be found next to artificial water bodies like large water fountains or large swimming pools, like the ones built to contest major swimming tournaments.


Growlithe is another hard to find Pokemon character. Search the web for rare Pokemon go locations and you will find reports of users struggling to find this super-rare fire type Pokemon. Some of the best rare Pokemon go locations to hunt for this character are parks and piers.  They are often found in nests. Chances are that you will find more than one, as long as you find these Pokestop locations where Growlithe thrive.


Onix is next on the list of rare locations to find when it comes to hunting down Pokemon characters. Believe it or not, they are mostly found in large sports stadiums or any structure that uses a massive amount of concrete. Other than sports parks, large arenas where events are performed are also another favorite hiding spot for the Onix. They are also found in parks, but will less frequency.


Go to any forum on the Pokemon Go subject and you will invariably find at least a few people lamenting about how to find Koffing. It is a sneaky little creature that will take a lot of effort to snare. Such forums will usually have questions like where to find rare Pokemon Koffing.

You might find a few answers and clues here and there but the truth is that Koffing is definitely one of the hardest Pokemons to find, even with information and tips. Koffings are usually caught in very urban environments, in places like sprawling parking lots of shopping complexes. Some people have seen it at places like the state Capitol! They are usually found in nests. So, if you do find them, you will find more than one.

Most people who catch Koffings immediately help out friends by calling or texting them about those top Pokemon go locations. If you did the same, you will never know when someone will return the favor, calling you and telling you about where to find another rare Pokemon like the Koffing.


Magmar isn’t the rarest Pokemon out there. But, depending on where you live, it might be notoriously inconvenient to find. First of all, if you live in a cold city or town, chances are that you will not find it in your town or city.

Magmar is a fire Pokemon and thrives in hot, warm or arid climate. If you can make a trip to a desert or to another town with hot weather, maybe a few hundred miles away, you have a better chance of finding one prowling around.

One good thing about catching Magmar is that it frequents the same spots. Even if you tried catching it at one spot today, and were unsuccessful, you can always come back tomorrow for a second try. Just make sure that you always hunt for a Magmar at a location when it is day rather than night. This is because there have been almost no reports of a Magmar ever being found at night.


Places where Slugma is caught makes up another item in the list of top Pokemon Go locations, simply because they are so hard to find. Well, Slugmas are usually found in grassy areas. You might find them along a bike trail and grassy lawns or you might find them on a golf course. The key is to find them in areas with plentiful grass.

A Slugma can be found during day and also during night.


Though Sudowoodo looks like a tree, it is actually a Rock Pokemon. It just uses the tree guise to stay away from its predators. To find them, you will have to go to best spots for Pokemon Go that are the perfect environment for both rock and trees. A river bank for example is a perfect place to find a Sudowoodo, since there are trees and also rocks. But, you can’t find them too close to the water either.

They can be a little close to the water but not too close. With those kind of characteristics, you can imagine how difficult they are to find. People who search for Sudowoodo usually find a ton of other rock and grass Pokemons before they eventually find Sudowoodo.

But, it can be well worth the wait as you search will be fruitful all along the way!

Best Place to catch rare Pokemon

As you can see, the best place in the world to catch Pokemon will heavily depend on what Pokemon you are after. If there was just one spot you want to go to find the most amount of Pokemons, we recommend that you go to a large park like Central Park in New York City. You are guaranteed to find at least a dozen Pokemons after a full day’s search. Sometimes, you might pull in much higher numbers.

If you are after a specific Pokemon, try to understand the type of Pokemon it is, to better understand where it might live. You will never find a water Pokemon where there is no water and you will never find a Rock Pokemon if there are no rocks. That way, you just have to be a little sensible with your searches.

Understand the Pokemon and then reverse engineer your search according to where it likes to live. It is one of the smartest ways to find Pokemon characters and their locations. Of course, sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to rely on help from other players who participate in internet communities. In such communities, the most populated Pokemon Go cities are often updated on a daily basis, giving you easy travel itinerary targets that you can follow, if you are one of those hardcore Pokemon players who will board a flight or train or bus to go catch a little creature!

Best cities for Pokemon Go

Are you looking for the best cities to go Pokemon hunting? Narrowing down these cities is just a matter of common sense. Big cities mean a large amount of Pokemon players. The game’s developers have to meet demand with supply and usually infest these large cities with a large supply of Pokemons. What more, these large cities are usually host to spawn sites where Pokemons are continuously generated.

Some of the most famous cities where you will find Pokemons in plenty are heavily populated cities like London, New York City, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Chicago, Sydney, Delhi and Rome. If you live close to any of these big cities, you may drive down or fly down to combine a vacation trip with your Pokemon hunting. Chances are that just walking around these large and magnificent cities will net you many number of Pokemons, while you are just being a tourist checking out the sightseeing.

You can also check the web for hotspots that change on a trending basis. Since Pokemon spawn sites are updated on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, what is hot as a location today may not be so hot the following week. Therefore, it helps to check a trending hotspot online and then make the trip, so your trip is fruitful.

If you are having a particularly hard time finding a certain rare Pokemon, it sometimes also makes sense to drop the search and look for an alternative character instead. Rare Pokemons are very exciting to catch. But, if you focus all your efforts on catching that one elusive Pokemon, you could be missing out on tens or even hundreds of other Pokemons that can earn you precious candies and stardust in the time you will otherwise spend searching.

Also, always remember that you have the option to evolve a basic level Pokemon into something darker. Sure, it will take resources and valuable points. But, it sometimes makes sense to take this approach as opposed to just searching for a Pokemon in the wild. The internet is full of stories where people have searched for rare Pokemons for months together, only to have regretted it later, because they realized how the downtime made them miss out on a ton of opportunities that would have allowed them to level up like crazy.

So, when it comes to finding great Pokemon Go locations, learn to first be smart in deciding what Pokemon characters you want to go after. It makes a huge difference to your search efficiency.

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Here are some of the best Pokemon Go locations to catch rare Pokemons
Here are some of the best Pokemon Go locations to catch rare Pokemons
Here are some of the best Pokemon Go locations to catch rare Pokemons
Here are some of the best Pokemon Go locations to catch rare Pokemons