How to Download Pokemon Go and Begin Your Hunting?
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Pokemon Go is without a doubt one of the most successful games ever made. Because it is free to play and only requires spending of money should you want goodies or extras, almost everyone who loves character games and has a smartphone has signed up for it! Till date, Pokemon Go has reported downloads in excess of 750 Million. Reports suggest that 5 million people actively use Pokemon Go on a daily basis. Monthly active users come in at 65 Million.

So, if you are all excited and have still not figured out to download the Pokemon Go game, this guide will put an end to all your queries. In this quick little guide, you will be instructed on how to download, install and also play Pokemon Go.

How to get Pokemon Go? How to Download the Game?

How to Get Pokemon Go on your iPhone?

To get Pokemon Go on your iPhone, simply visit the Apple app store and do a quick search for Pokemon Go. The current version is 1.39.1. This might change by the time you go check it out as Pokemon Go is constantly updated.

Downloading Pokemon Go at the App store will allow you to play Pokemon Go both on your phone as well as iPad. Once you download the game on your iPhone or iPad, all you have to do is click on the Pokemon Go app icon and get started with the game. It is as simple as that!

Now, if you reside in a country where Pokemon Go is still not available in the App store, there might still be a workaround to play it. To use this workaround, first log out of your Apple Id. Now, go to settings on your iPhone and then go to language and region and select your location as USA, New Zealand or Australia. Using any of these locations will allow you to download and use Pokemon Go. Of course, please know that changing your phone’s location presents other problems. Like for example, your iPhone will throw up a lot of errors when you need to use any app that needs GPS access in your country. There are people who still go the extra mile to change location just to play Pokemon Go. But, it is a caveat that you must know about if you want to try Pokemon go iPhone version. This is a common fix to a problem concerning “I can’t download Pokemon go”. This usually happens if you live in a country where the game has not been released, for whatever reason. Don’t forget to pick up some of the great accessories available to help your game play, our favorite is the Alpatronix Battery Case so your phone stays charged throughout the adventure!

How to Get Pokemon go on Android Smartphone?

Downloading and playing Pokemon Go on your Android phone is just as easy as playing it on an iPhone or iPad. To do the Pokemon Go download on your Android phone, go to the Google Play store. Once downloaded, you simply install the game and then open the app to begin playing.

Now, if you live in a country where Pokemon Go is still not available on your Google Play servers, there might still be a workaround to download and use Pokemon Go. To do that, use the following instructions.

First, you will need to download the Pokemon Go APK file on your Android phone. A word of caution here. Please make sure that the site that shares the APK file is not a malware site. Many unscrupulous third party sites are using the popularity of Pokemon Go to upload APK files that do nothing but install a spyware or malware program on your phone.

But, if you successfully download the right APK file, just double clicking on it will allow you to install and run Pokemon Go, even if Pokemon Go is not officially available through Google Play in your country.

We hope the above two sections allowed you to figure out how to install Pokemon Go on either your iPhone or Android phone. Now before you get started and jump into the wonderful world of Pokemon you might want to consider picking up a power bank – you don’t want your phone cutting out on you while your chasing that growlithe!

How to play Pokemon Go? – Quick Start Guide

Playing Pokemon Go is incredibly easy. First thing you will need to do is allow Pokemon Go to access your location. Since this is an augmented reality game, everything depends on how the game communicates with your exact GPS location, every second you play the game. As you can imagine, it always makes sense to play this game on a full battery as constant location tracking will drain your battery faster than usual. But, it won’t do it any more than other apps like Uber. So you don’t have to worry about the battery issue too much.

Next thing you will do is select your date of birth. You will then be asked to sign up for a Pokemon Go account. You will have the choice to use your Google account or you can sign up for a brand new Pokemon trainer club account. Becoming a Pokemon trainer has one added advantage in that you join a large community of Pokemon Go players will share tips on how to play, where to find Pokemons and so on and so forth.

Once your account is set up, you have the fun routine of setting up your avatar. You can pick a guy or a girl and can even pick out different pieces of clothing that match your personality and style.

Once this is done, you are ready to actually catch some Pokemons!

With the game open and when visiting certain locations, you will notice a sidebar alert. The sidebar alert will show a shadow or a silhouette of a Pokemon hiding near you. Sometimes, if you are really close, you will see your screen show you images where the grass is actually rustling. This means that you are just moments away from catching your first Pokemon. Walk towards the rustling grass. If you have come to the right spot, you will notice that your phone shows the Pokemon that was hiding and moving the grass. Click on the Pokemon and you will now have an option to capture it.

Check your Pokemon’s combat points or CP. This shows how difficult they are to capture. The more the CP, the harder they are to capture. Chances are that you will run into a Pokemon with a low CP when you first get started. When you start, you will receive a Pokeball with which you capture your Pokemons. As you get better at the game, catching many Pokemons, you will get more advanced versions of the Pokeballs that will help you snare much stronger or powerful Pokemons. Keep a finger on the Pokeball and wait for your phone’s screen to show a green ring around your Pokemon that is in front of you.

Remember, this green ring can move around and sometimes become bigger or smaller. When it is stationery and small is when you have the best chance of catching your Pokemon. When you are ready, throw the ball at the green ring that you see on the screen, using the right amount of pressure. If you aimed and timed it right, you will snare your Pokemon, your very first one!

When you are out hunting for Pokemons, you must also keep an eye out for Pokestops. These are fun little places where you can pick up little knickknacks that will help you find Pokemons in an easier manner. Pokestops are usually denoted by a blue cube that floats on your screen.

Once you have a few Pokemons in your kitty, you can unleash your little creatures in battles at gyms, with other Pokemon players, to see which Pokemon wins!

To begin battling, you have to reach at least a level 5. To find Gyms, look for tall pedestal like structures that show up in a red color, with a Diamond symbol on top of them. You will also find gyms that are yellow or blue, depending on which team controls the gym.

Once inside the gym, you will have to pick one of the three team colors to play with and then you simply select your Pokemon to fight with another Pokemon. Choose wisely as some Pokemons do very well against certain Pokemons and horribly against Pokemons of a different genre. There’s fire type Pokemons, water types, bug types, psychic types and even poison types.

Once you begin to fight, you will be able to use your phone to move your Pokemon to the right and left and then time attacks and defense moves.

There you have it. How to download from Pokemon Go app store and play Pokemon Go, in a quick and easy to understand guide. Whether you need a download from the Pokemon Go app store or the Pokemon Go download Android google play store, you have instructions here that let you do just that, even if Pokemon Go is not even available in your country!

Follow the download and install instructions and begin playing Pokemon Go. After just a bit of getting used to, you will love the hunt for Pokemons, the visits to Pokestops and the intense battles and matchups at the gym. The game is incredibly easy to learn and play, with its intuitive UI. The more you progress, the more you level up, giving yourself access to more and more features not available to lower level players.

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How to Download Pokemon Go and Begin Your Hunting?
How to Download Pokemon Go and Begin Your Hunting?
How to Download Pokemon Go and Begin Your Hunting?
How to Download Pokemon Go and Begin Your Hunting?