Here’s Where to find Charmander in Pokemon Go!
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First step is to grab your PokemonGo auto-catcher. Well, it first helps if you know what this little critter looks like! Charmander is a cute little fire-type Pokemon. With its little tail on fire, this is starter Pokemon that is one among 4 starter Pokemons that you can choose. Of all the 4 starter Pokemons, this is probably the hardest to find and it will be a wise choice to use this as a starter Pokemon so you don’t have to hunt for it. You just can’t mistake this Pokemon. With a mostly orange body, it has a cream colored underside. It tries to look menacing with its two little fangs but just ends up looking adorable. It definitely isn’t the strongest Pokemon out there but surely is one of the sneakiest ones. It is an unevolved Pokemon character, which also explains why it is available as a starter Pokemon.

The fire that burns at the end of Charmander’s tail is an indication of its health and mood. If the fire burns strongly, it means that Charmander is healthy. If it burns feebly, it means Charmander is tired. When the fire burns with a twitch, it means that Charmander is happy. When the blaze is red and burning intensely, it means that this Pokemon is angry and in a rage!

Where to catch Charmander in Pokemon Go?

Charmanders are generally found in hot areas. They are also easily found in mountainous or hilly areas. Since they are a starter type Pokemon, you can simply select them as one of your four starter Pokemons when you begin the game.

But, if you didn’t pick it as your starter Pokemon and are looking for it after having progressed several levels in the game, you will have no choice but to go to spawn sites where they are usually found. This article will give you tips on just where to find those Spawn sites.

How to find  in Pokemon Go?

First of all, you must understand that Pokemon locations change on a periodic basis.  Just because a friend caught a Charmander in a certain location doesn’t mean that there will be more of them in the same location tomorrow. If that were the case, everyone would have it easy when it came to finding Pokemon characters.

Though not confirmed, the general consensus among Pokemon gamers is that Pokemon locations are refreshed every two weeks. So, to reiterate, don’t waste your time on a friend’s recommendation just because he or she caught one recently. You might just go on a wild goose chase. Or, should we say a wild Charmander chase!

Charmander is one of 12 fire type Pokemons. The others are Charmeleon, Charizard, Moltres, Flareon, Rapidash, Ponyta, Growlithe, Arcanine, Magmar, Vulpix and Ninetales. If you have already upgraded to the Pokemon Go Gen 2 update, there are 10 additional fire Pokemons that you can have fun finding. These Gen 2 fire Pokemons are Ho-Oh, Entei, Magby, Houndoom, Slugma, Houndour, Magcargo, Typhlosion, Quilava and Cyndaquil.

Now, just because Pokemon characters are designed to live in a habitat that defines their fire type, don’t go all crazy and try to climb a volcano to find a Charmander. They are available in other hot places that are very easy to access. For example, you can find Charmanders in arid or dry areas like beaches. They can also be found in parks with a warm or pleasant climate.

Places like golf courses are also fantastic venues to find Charmanders. There was a confirmed find of a Charmander Nest right in the middle of Madison Square even! Urban cities are a perfect place to find Charmanders as they are generally dry and devoid of many trees that you see in the suburbs and country side. Boardwalks are another very popular place to find this fiery little dragon.

Once in a while, Charmanders also venture out to watering holes like swimming pools or lakes, as long as such water bodies are in a warm climate. In other words, a Charmander could be as close as your own swimming pool, or maybe a neighbor’s swimming pool!

But if you need a Charmander and need one now, your best chance of finding one is to go to a Park close by. 90% of Charmanders have been found in public parks. Remember, Niantic needs to keep these creatures accessible by the public without requiring them to tread upon private property. Parks are a perfect place to hide these little creatures as it will take just a little bit of effort to go to a park and walk around and find a Charmander. The process can’t be too easy or too hard either. It will be just enough fun. Find a park and chances are that you will find a Charmander.

If you don’t know where to find parks near you, just Google up parks near me and you will find at least a dozen within a 20 mile radius. If you can extend your search radius to 100 miles or more, you might have even 100 parks to choose from. You can then combine your Charmander search with a nice little picnic or trek with friends, snaring the orange Pokemon while having a great time with friends or family.

Retired volcanoes are another fantastic place to find Charmanders. In fact, you almost have a 100% chance of finding a Charmander there, as a volcano is its natural habitat. Niantic can obviously not allow you to go to a live volcano in order to find a Charmander which is why they have infested them in sites where volcanoes were once active, but now are officially retired. There is absolutely no safety risk when you hunt for Charmanders in such locations.

Another creative place to find Charmanders is fire stations or places where there have been famous or big fires. If you know of a locality close to you that witnessed an epic fire recently or even in the distant past, chances are that you will find a Charmander lurking around the site.

Some users have reported finding Charmanders right in the middle of busy international airports. If you are out travelling, you might want to keep an eye out for Charmanders at hot locations like a pizza place, a coffee shop with steaming hot coffee and the likes. You might just catch one staring back at you!

Gas stations are also a fantastic place to catch fire Pokemons. Gas stations dole out gas that powers combustible engines and you can easily see why you will find a Charmander at such a location. They love anything that can power a fire!

If you live in a very cold place, chances are that you will never find a Charmander. You will at least not find it in natural environments as it will probably be cold. If you live in cold climate, start visiting places like the zoo where there are fire antics or busy malls where there are a lot of eateries that use fire to cook up food and beverages.

Deserts are another fantastic place to catch Charmanders, as it is again their natural type habitat. Visitors to the Mojave Desert have reported that they have caught multiple Charmanders on multiple occasions, simply because they are available in aplenty. Of course, Pokemon Go players have had difficulty finding Water Pokemons in places like deserts. That’s just the way it goes. You just can’t hope that you will find a Pokemon in a natural habitat that doesn’t match its body type. The game just isn’t designed like that.

If you do find one like that, it will probably be because of a glitch or maybe because you just got lucky.

If you have thrown in the towel on your Charmander search, you are not alone. Many people who live in cold weather have got fed up at their inability to find a Charmander just because the natural habitat doesn’t support the creature. If you are in such a situation, we will advise you to wait for a Fire event. Fire events don’t come along very often. But, when they do, you are guaranteed to find all the Charmanders that you want.

Very large gardens are also a great place to find Charmanders. Since gardens receive a lot of sunlight are often dry and warm, you have a good chance of finding them there.

Now, all of the above tips suggest how you can find Pokemon Go characters with hard work and due diligence. But, if you just don’t have the time to hunt down all the characters, including Charmander, the following section will help you with shortcuts.

Easy ways to find Charmander – How to use shortcuts to cut search times!?

Now, please note that this section offers tips that bend or even break the rules. They also give you ways to find Charmander and other characters that take out all of the fun in finding interesting Pokemon characters. But then, they are OK to use once in a while. After all, you might be more interested in another fire character and maybe just need a Charmander so you can evolve it into another fire character. You can also use these hacks or shortcuts to find a Charmander so you can evolve it into a more desirable character like a Charizard. Since you will spend a significant amount of time just evolving a Charmander, it doesn’t hurt to get a basic Charmander in your kitty, with a little extra help.

Where to find Tips and Cheats about Charmander locations?


Pokemon Go forums are a fantastic place to look for tips on where to find Charmander. There are a ton of Pokemon Go forums out there and there is activity almost by the minute. Chances are that someone is looking for a Charmander and has posted a question about it. Even if you can’t find a question related to Charmander, you can post one yourself.

You will at least get a few responses that will help you find a Charmander, in double time. For the locations of other rare Pokemon, head over to our post about the best locations in PokemonGO!

Cheat Map sites

We can’t really name any cheat map sites here. You can alternatively use a guide book that will give you exact details. But, a quick search on Google with a search query like “Pokemon go where to find charmander” + “maps” will give you maps with exact locations that you can drive or walk to, to find a Charmander. Now, please note that these maps can never guarantee you results. They are updated as and when people find a certain Pokemon character in a certain location. But, since spawn sites see the same character spawn many times, there’s a possibility that you will find a Charmander at a location if someone else found one there as well, especially if it was a recent find.


You will also find a lot of guides that will tell you how to collect Charmanders. These guides won’t let you cheat and find one quickly. But, they will take out the guessing game and will allow you to spend your time more wisely.

We actually recommend looking up search terms like charmander Pokemon go find guides to find guides that very specifically cater to this fire dragon that you are after. Such guides will still keep the hunt fun. Think of a Pokemon Go finder guide as being able to use a calculator in an exam where calculators aren’t allowed. It’s just a little bit of cheating. You still have to do the work!

Use Charmander as a starter Pokemon

If you are yet to get started with Pokemon Go and are worried about Pokemon Go Charmander locations, we suggest you choose it as one of your 4 starter Pokemons. That way, you only have to worry about finding other Pokemons that you are more confident about. In fact, most players at Pokemon Go use Charmander as a starting Pokemon as they know that they are not as easy to find as the other starter Pokemons. You might as well get a small head start with your Pokemon Go Charmander location search by just avoiding it completely! If PokemonGo is getting stale but yu need another adventure in the world of Pokemon, check out Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu for the Nintendo Switch!

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Here’s Where to find Charmander in Pokemon Go!
Here’s Where to find Charmander in Pokemon Go!
Here’s Where to find Charmander in Pokemon Go!
Here’s Where to find Charmander in Pokemon Go!