Hunting for Pokemons? Which is the best Pokemon in Pokemon Go?
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With over 800 Pokemon characters to choose from, deciding what you must spend your time on can be a bit challenging. You ultimately want the most value for the time, effort and even money that you put into your in-app purchases.

That being said, here’s a quick list of some of the most in-demand Pokemons out there. With this “what’s the best Pokemon list”, you can decide on where you will go hunting and what you will hunt for. Besides describing the character by saying it is the most powerful Pokemon in the world and such, we have given you quick pointers on where to find these little rascals as well.

Without much further ado, here goes the list of the best Pokemon characters you can pick up today.

Best Pokemon characters for you to hunt


Mostly available as a male Pokemon, this character has a catch rate of about 45%. As the name so obviously suggests, it is an Electric Pokemon. Its tag number is #125.

With a human-like egg group and a hatch time that requires almost 6500 steps, this is one Pokemon that will surely keep you busy. Though it has some humanoid features, it mostly picks up traits of a feline creature.

Speed is its strongest strength. And its weakness is its defense and HP capability. However, its special defense is pretty decent and it is an attack Pokemon that you can count on. Though it doesn’t have any evolutions, it can make up for its lack of stamina and lack of defense with its constantly effective attack mode.

This electric Pokemon fights best when put up against a Pokemon that flies or prefers water as its natural habitat.


#123 Skyther is another fantastic attack Pokemon that also scores very highly when it comes to speed. It gets its name from the two scythes on its forearms. When used with a combination of speed, they produce deadly combat results. Pokemon users have excitedly said that the scythes even cut through trees, if used right!

The Scyther can be evolved into a Scizor (#212). Scyther has a rather unique look. It has a head of a reptile but the body of a bug. With a striking green color, you can use this menacing Pokemon best against bugs, dark and psychic Pokemons. They also fare very well against grass Pokemons.


#135 Jotleon, as the name again so obviously suggests, is another electric Pokemon. But, amongst all electric Pokemons, this has the rather unique ability to absorb voltage and use it at a later point. In normal mode, this character’s cells generate only a little bit of electricity. But, you can amplify the constantly stored energy that is tucked away in its fur, to create devastating thunderbolts.

Speed and special attack in the form of Thunderbolts are its obvious strengths. Jolteon is an evolution of Eevee.


#127 is a bug Pokemon, if the looks didn’t give it away immediately. This is a fantastic Pokemon to use to fight against grass Pokemons and also dark and psychic Pokemons. Though it looks small and clumsy, Pinsir is phenomenally strong. It can lift anything that is up to twice its weight, using its mighty horns. But, use it in cold places and you are going to be very disappointed with performance, because it slows down when there is no warmth or heat.

It rates very highly on attack and speed. This is a Pokemon that does not evolve.


#97 is a psychic Pokemon. It has the ability to induce sleep. You can evolve a Drowzee into a Hypno. It is best used against fighting Pokemon characters and also against Pokemons that use poisons to disable their opponents.


#141 is a rock or water type hybrid Pokemon. It was originally a creature that lived only in water but has now evolved to live among rocks as well. This is why its body is very unique, with both gills and also legs to walk on land.

This is a rare Pokemon and scores high on both attack and defense capabilities. Kabutops can be evolved from a Kabuto. Since it scores highly in both defense and attack, it can be used against a variety of Pokemon types, in battle.

It predominantly does well against flying Pokemons, and also against fire and ice Pokemons.


#38 is primarily an attack Pokemon. It is a fire type Pokemon that uses its red eyes to cast a spell on its opponent, acquiring total control of its mind. With a lifespan that can pass 1,000 years, this is one Pokemon that you can count on, for a very long time.

You can evolve a Vulpix into a Ninetales. With a 5/10 speed rating and a 4/10 attack rating, Ninetales also does well with special attacks and special defenses, with a 4/10 score on each. HP is at 3/10 and defense is also at 3/10.


#91 is a slow Pokemon. But, what it lacks for in speed is made up with its high defense and attack scores. It is best used in the sea. It has a rather unique way of swimming. It swallows water and then spits it out of its rear, propelling itself in the process. You can call this the strongest Pokemon or one of the strongest Pokemons when it comes to defense, as it scores a very impressive 8/10! Attack scores are pretty satisfactory as well, at 5/10. However, it doesn’t do so well in HP (2/10) and special defense (2/10). It also isn’t the fastest, with a speed rating of just 4/10.

It does fantastically well against flying Pokemons. It also does quite well against ground and Rock Pokemon characters. But, don’t match it up against Pokemons with a lot of speed as this is one sluggish Pokemon that can struggle to keep up in the agility department!

You can evolve a Shellder into a Cloyster.


#73, as the name suggests, is obviously a water Pokemon. And since its tentacles are poisonous, it is also a poison Pokemon. You know the Tentacruel is ready to attack when you see its red eyes flashing. It creates an ultrasonic blast with its tentacles that create quite a wave when used.

It is technically a type of jellyfish. This is a good all round Pokemon that scores well on speed 5/10, special defense 5/10 and decently in attack and special attack skills, with scores of 4/10. Defense is a bit low at 3/10. You can evolve a Tentacool into a Tentacruel.


#55 is a water Pokemon that is a duck with a humanoid figure. It has a bright gold beak, giving it its name. It has fantastic speed on water and does a great job of fighting ground, fire and Rock Pokemons. You can evolve into this Pokemon from a Psyduck.


Don’t let #36’s goofy looks fool you. Sure, this is a fairy Pokemon. But, it is the most powerful fairy Pokemon out there. Being the most powerful Fairy Pokemon out there, it is no surprise that this is a Pokemon with a low catch rate. It is also one of the highest HP Pokemon characters out there. It however lacks significantly in speed and you don’t want to duel this against Pokemons built for speed. It does spectacularly against fighting and dark Pokemon characters and also does a fantastic job against Dragon Pokemons.

A Clefable is evolved into from a Clefairy. A Clefairy is in turn evolved into from a Cleffa.


#76 is a menacing turtle. Like with all turtles, they thrive in rocks and also on ground. They are some of the most unique Pokemons out there. They score highly on both attack and defense, with scores of 6/10 on both. But, they score a low 3 in all other categories like speed, special skills and HP.

You can evolve a Geodude into a Graveler who can then evolve into a Golem. If you need a Pokemon just to fight fire, this is the Pokemon you need to pick up as their track record against Fire Pokemons is simply stunning. They also fare well against other Rock Pokemons. Electric, Poison and Ice Pokemons can also be fought with, using Golem.


When #031 Nidoqueen needs to defend its young, it is easily the world’s strongest Pokemon. Built out of tough scales, it uses frightening tackles to subdue opponents.

It isn’t particularly fast or defensive but scores a solid 5/10 on attack. In all other aspects like special skills, HP and speed, it scores a solid 4, making it a great all-rounder Pokemon.

You can evolve a Nidoran into a Nidorina that can then evolve into a Nidoqueen. They fight best against Fairy Pokemons and also do very well against the fire Pokemons that are abundantly available almost everywhere you go.


#006 Charizard is the best Pokemon in the world if you need the best of flying Pokemons. It flies around and can breathe fire anytime it wants, melting away opponents. As you can imagine, Charizard is most effective against grass, bug, and Ice Pokemons, breathing them away from the top.

They however lack in stamina and you will have to pick battles that will be short and swift, to win with this Pokemon.


#89 is probably the most dreadful looking Pokemon out there. Its power is its awful stench. By shaking off a little of its smelly body fluid, this Pokemon can render opponents just with its odor, turning everything in its way into a putrid mess. This is obviously an attack Pokemon with low defense skills. It also scores fairly highly when it comes to HP, netting a score of 4/10. However, don’t make the mistake of pairing Muk in a battle with a psychic Pokemon, especially the best psychic Pokemon characters, as it will lead to almost instantaneous defeat. They however do very well against poison Pokemons.

A Grimer Pokemon evolves into a Muk.


#80 or Slowbro might not look like much. With a Shellder permanently biting Slowbro’s tail, you might wonder why you need this Pokemon at all. As the name suggests, they are pretty sluggish. The tail cannot be used for fishing, since Shellder is taking up that space at the back.

But, Slowbro is a good defensive Pokemon with a good special attack skill. HP rating is also pretty decent at 4/10. However, when it comes to speed, they truly live up to their name and have a speed rating of just 2/10.

A Slowpoke can be evolved into a Slowbro. A Slowpoke can also be evolved into a Slowking.


#136 Flareon has a unicorn like look and is one of the most popular fire Pokemons out there. When using this Pokemon, make sure it stays hot but not too hot. It can handle a lot of heat but needs to release some heat into the air once in a while, shaking off its fluffy fur. It scores very highly on attack, special attack and special defense. It is also pretty nimble as well, though not quick enough to be called speedy. Defense is minimal and HP is also fairly minimal.

But, if you need a sure shot winner against grass, bug and steel Pokemons, Flareon will definitely do the job for you!

A Flareon can be evolved into an Umbreon. As for evolving into a Flareon, you start with an Eevee, then become a Jolteon and then a Flareon.


#130 is easily one of the strongest water Pokemons. With very high attack and special defense skills, this is a Pokemon you can strategically unleash to win battles with minimal fuss. However, remember that you must use them only when you know that their regular attack skills will work, as they score very poorly when it comes to special attack skills. Their defense and speed aren’t very strong either. Special defense is pretty good though.

A Magikarp evolves into a Gyrados.

So, there you have it. A list of what’s the strongest Pokemon characters, by type of Pokemon. Now, all you have to do is hit up popular Pokemon go locations to pick up these little beasts to then use them in battles, to evolve into more menacing creatures and to level up in double time!

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Hunting for Pokemons? Which is the best Pokemon in Pokemon Go?
Hunting for Pokemons? Which is the best Pokemon in Pokemon Go?
Hunting for Pokemons? Which is the best Pokemon in Pokemon Go?
Hunting for Pokemons? Which is the best Pokemon in Pokemon Go?